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Growing up in a culture where a negative dog perception and fear of dogs was engraved in our hearts it was hard to ever see dog as best friend. After college, I moved away from home and had my first taste of experiencing the real world for what it truly is. At this time, I met my then-boyfriend, who happened to be a dog dad. This was my first exposure to being around a dog as a family member, and I am so grateful for it.

After spending quality time with my boyfriend's dog, we strongly bonded and became fundamentally inseparable. Her presence made me realize how much my culture's negative perception of the furry friend had impacted me adversely.

Every time I thought about it, I became overwhelmed with sadness on how much I missed out on the unconditional love a dog would have given me during the hardest years of my life.

A Man's Best Friend

Since becoming one of our closest companions, dogs have sincerely clung to us to give us nothing but good loving. But, unfortunately, many breeds are perceived as aggressive or hostile, even though this can't be further from the truth.

To put it simply, no dog is good or bad, but their actions depend on our behavior towards them. One can easily scrutinize their mannerism and tell whether they are frightened, angry, or happy. Dependability is likewise characteristic conduct for dogs.

Dogs are loyal pack creatures, which means they are social animals who favor the company of other animate beings. Therefore, they truly are a man's best friend! Once I realized this, my relationship with Charlotte, my boyfriend's dog, evolved, and I referred to her as "my best friend" to the extent that it became an inside joke among friends.

Charlotte- My Paw Best Friend

Everyone who knew me intimately would say that my best friend has paws! Charlotte has taught me so much about connecting with animals on a human level and made me a good communicator and even better person.

Charlotte followed me everywhere! She sat where I sat, she slept on my side of the bed, and most importantly, she was right by me when I started my day with coffee and ended it with wine.

Unfortunately, the boyfriend (then fiancé) and I did not last. We wished each other the best but losing Charlotte was consequently heartbreaking. I felt like I betrayed her by not choosing to marry him, and I was undeserving of the love that she had given me.

The Inception of the Idea

After years of built-up guilt, I decided to start a clothing line honoring my memories, bond, and friendship with Charlotte. I'm now a foster mom to the cutest pup, Buddy, who happens to be a lab and poodle mix. Buddy never fails to give me tons of kisses and cuddles and makes me feel like I have a friend in him.

Dogs are our fur babies. They need our protection, devotion, and love and frankly, we need theirs too. I wish I had a dog when I was in my preteen and teen years because that would have made things much easier. They truly teach you the meaning of love!

🐾 We Are Here 🐾

Our goal here at My Bestfriend Has Paws, LLC is to ensure that we create and influence a positive dog association awareness and help fur mamas everywhere show off and take pride in their love for their fur babies!

Lessening the perception of dogs being negative or violent is our main goal. We aim to do that by having fur mamas use our shirts to send the message that all dogs are good dogs. All of our merchandise are designed and manufactured here in the United States and delivered within 3-4 business days. Moreover, we ship across the US, so hop on and become a part of the adventure!

Thanks to your support, we are now donating 5% of our profits to dog shelters across the country! We love dogs and we want to do our part in helping you love your dog more.


Thank you, please email/call us with any questions.